CineAsia 2016


CJ 4DPLEX Signs Expansion Deals

by Chris Chinnock

CJ 4DPLEX, an immersive theater technology featuring moving seats and environmental effects, has signed a new partnership with SM Cinema in the Philippines as well as agreeing to roll-out more seats with PVR Ltd …

Tags:CineAsia 2016| Cinema| India| Large Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 49

GDC Shows Theater Lobby Experience

by Chris Chinnock

GDC Technology Ltd., a major provider of theater management solutions, used CineAsia 2016 to unveil its futuristic immersive lobby experience. The GDC Cinema Lobby Experience comprises a DTS:X Pod to demonstrate immersive sound using …

Tags:CineAsia 2016| Cinema| Digital Signage| Large Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 49

Sony to Launch Haptic-Projection Experience

by Chris Chinnock

If a ‘haptic-projection experience’ sounds new and a little different, it is. But that is what Sony focused on at the recent CineAsia event. The idea is similar to some of the VR experiences …

Tags:CineAsia 2016| Haptics| Large Display Monitor| sony| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 49

Severtson Highlights Folded SAT-4K & Microperf Screens

by Chris Chinnock

Severtson Screen has carved out a nice business in the cinema screen market where their foldable SAT-4K screens offer a nice lower cost option over non-foldable options, allowing international shipping from its US manufacturing …

Tags:CineAsia 2016| Large Display Monitor| Projection Screens| Vol 23 - Issue 49

Barco Rolls New Cinema Projectors

by Chris Chinnock

Barco used CineAsia to announce seven new projectors including high-contrast and high-brightness flagship laser models, as well as five new laser phosphor models in the BLP, CLP, and SLP series (Barco Has Seven New …

Tags:6p Laser| Barco| CineAsia 2016| Large Display Monitor| Laser Phosphor Projectors| Laser Projectors| Vol 23 - Issue 49

Christie Shows Projectors and Announces New Contracts

by Chris Chinnock

Christie used CineAsia to preview a digital-cinema laser projector boasting a much higher efficiency than RGB lasers used in current cinemas. Based on Christie’s latest Series 3 digital cinema electronics platform, this RGB laser …

Tags:6p Laser| CineAsia 2016| Cinema| Large Display Monitor| Laser Phosphor Projectors| Laser Projectors| Vol 23 - Issue 49

Barco Has Seven New Cinema Projectors

by Bob Raikes

Barco announced two flagship 6P laser projectors for premium cinema and five new laser phosphor projectors for small to large screens at the CineAsia Show. The new high end units, the DP4K-20LHC (18K lumens) …

Tags:Barco| CineAsia 2016| Cinema Projection| Large Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 48