Sony to Launch Haptic-Projection Experience

If a ‘haptic-projection experience’ sounds new and a little different, it is. But that is what Sony focused on at the recent CineAsia event. The idea is similar to some of the VR experiences being developed by various parties but without the VR headset.

The experience is called ‘Road to Raccoon City’ and is based on the motion picture “Resident Evil – The Final Chapter.” The idea is for users to don a specially-instrumented vest that has haptic technology built in. The user has a weapon that is used to shoot zombie on the screen, which features clips from the film with a voice over by the film’s main actor, Milla Jovovich. The zombies can score hits on the user as well, which generates the haptic and audio responses.

“Final Chapter” releases first in Japan on Dec. 23 with versions in 3D and IMAX. The film continues in Hong Kong in Jan. 26, 2017 and opens in North America on Jan. 27. Dates and locates for the Road to Raccoon City experience have not been announced.

The sensory experience is result of cooperation between Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), video production company Sony PCL, and parent company Sony Corp. – CC