Barco Moves Uniti Features Down to Fusion

Last year at ECR, Barco impressed us with the features in its Coronis Uniti multi-modality display with 12 megapixels. Since its introduction, the Uniti has been approved for specialty imaging beyond mammography to include breast MRI, breast ultrasound, CR and ultrasound and vascular and gynaecological ultrasound and at RSNA in November, the company said that it has sold more than 1,000 units. The company has since moved some of the features down to its four and six megapixel displays. The four megapixel Coronis Fusion 4MP version was launched at RSNA, with the Fusion 6MP being shown for the first time at ECR.

Features of the new 6MP monitor include higher calibrated brightness of 600 cd/m² (up from 400 to 450) from the 30.4″ (3280 x 2048) IPS panel which also has 1,500:1 contrast. Maximum brightness is 1,050 cd/m². The monitor uses 100W at 600 cd/m², but drops to 64W if calibrated to 400. The higher brightness and contrast are claimed to show 10% more JNDs and Barco told us that it has an exclusive supply deal for the panel used. The colour monitor, which supports 30 bits of colour, can be used in landscape or portrait mode and has dual DVI and dual DisplayPort inputs and can be configured as dual 3MP (1536 x 2048) or 3MP+ (1640 x 2048) displays.

The monitor has a five year warranty at the calibrated brightness and the backlight has 40,000 hours of warranty.

Barco Fusion 6MPBarco has migrated its SpotView feature down to the new Fusion 6MP

Like the Uniti, the Fusion can be supplied with the optional Wacom touch pad which can be used to support the “spot view” that has migrated down from the Uniti and allow one area to be highlighted and zoomed. The zoom feature can be especially useful for orthopaedic imaging applications where the doctor is often looking for very fine cracks. The monitor driver also supports “DimView” technology which automatically dims the control monitor when the cursor is on the radiology screen so that the control screen is less distracting. VirtualView, which puts a general purpose display area for email, web browsing etc on the diagnostic display.

Analyst Comment

We discussed the Med-tab that we had seen at the show and Barco told us that ‘it’s clearly the natural way to go’. The company is also continuing to work on a new Dicom colour standard – it has been promoting this concept since RSNA in 2014. (BR)