Barco Focuses on Wireless Presentation

Two additions to Barco’s ‘wePresent’ range were on show: the SharePod and WiPG-2000S.

The SharePod is similar to Barco’s ClickShare, which is a collaboration tool designed to simplify content transfer from personal devices to large screens. Unlike ClickShare, the SharePod is completely wireless; a source connects via HDMI, and the SharePod sends content wirelessly to a wePresent receiver device. Audio and video mirroring are both supported.

Up to four devices can be connected to SharePod at once, and all displayed on the same receiver display.

Barco’s WiPG-2000S is an update to its existing Wi-PG devices. These are wireless presentation products; users connect to them wirelessly and content is then transferred to a display via HDMI or VGA. Using a USB connection as well enables wireless control of the source device.

The Wi-PG-2000S features a faster SoC than previous models, and an internal memory.