AV Stumpfl Wings Vioso Software Used for Lisbon Projection

The Carmo Archaeological Museum was recently the backdrop for Portuguese multimedia company Ocubo to stage its recent video-mapping project, Lisbon Under Stars, featuring a combination of 360° digital animation, live action and special effect projections. Visitors were free to walk around the 1,900m² site and learn about Lisbon’s history.

Thirteen 16,000-lumen video projectors and nine video servers were installed, with AV Stumpfl’s Wings Vioso software used for the mapping, show control and video outputs. A surround effect was created by a dBTechnologies DVA multichannel audio system, also controlled by the Wings Vioso software. Speaking about the project, Ocubo’s co-founder, CEO and artistic director Nuno Maya commented:

“The perfeDclvqaYXUAAcfC7ct video-mapping result was only made possible thanks to the fine-tuning of Wings Vioso’s warping tools. We needed a platform capable of handling huge amounts of data files across multiple servers. Thanks to its networking capabilities, the system helped us to transfer, manage and synchronise all the video files. The mapping complexity was also extremely high, but the warping tools and setup merging options in the software allowed us to do it with relative speed and ease versus the size of the task”.