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LCD TV Panel Prices Hit Bottom in September, Rebounding in Q4

by Bob O'Brien

After fifteen months of decreases, LCD TV panel prices finally hit bottom in September 2022 and prices for several sizes increased in October. We now expect to see a modest increase in prices through …

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Advanced TV Market Continues to Grow in 2022

by Bob O'Brien

Although the display industry is having a difficult year, the Advanced TV market continued to grow Y/Y in Q1 2022, and this segment of the industry continues to look promising. In this round of …

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LCD TV Panel Price Rally is Near an End

by Bob O'Brien

The unprecedented increase in prices for LCD TV panels will soon come to an end as the demand surge which resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic eases and industry supply has caught up. We expect …

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AMOLED Materials Market to Grow 36% in 2021

by Bob O'Brien

Sales for AMOLED stack materials for all applications are expected to grow by 36% in 2021 and to grow at a 15% annual rate from $927M in 2019 to $2.18B in 2025, according to …

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Ten Predictions for the Display Industry in 2021

by Bob O'Brien

To start off 2021, I will continue a tradition started two years ago of laying out some predictions for the year. I consulted with my DSCC colleagues for both topics of interest and for …

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BOE Acquiring CEC Panda Fabs in Nanjing and Chengdu

by Bob O'Brien

BOE Technology Group, Ltd (BOE) announced this week the proposed acquisition of majority stakes in two of the four CEC Panda LCD fabs in China, the Gen 8.5 fab in Nanjing and the Gen …

Tags:BOE| China| Large LCD Supply| LCD Fabs| Mergers & Acquisitions

Strong TV Demand Pushing LCD TV Panel Prices Up

by Bob O'Brien

Robust TV demand in the US and China, combined with capacity reductions by the Korean panel makers, is leading to LCD TV panel price increases in Q3, which will improve the profitability for panel …

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How Does Black Friday 2019 Compare with Last Year?

by Bob O'Brien

In recent weeks we’ve given you articles on some of the Black Friday deals available this year; we’ve seen some all-time lowest prices on TV sets. Now that the big shopping day has come …

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Foxconn Looking to Sell New Gen 10.5 Plant?

by Bob O'Brien

Reuters reported this week that Foxconn is in discussions to appoint banks to find a buyer for its LCD factory that is being built in Guangzhou. While Foxconn replied in a written statement that …

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FLEx Lighting Sets Out to Transform Reflective LCD

by Bob O'Brien

Reflective LCDs have been around for a long time but have never made much of an impact on the display industry. FLEx Lighting, a US- based startup, is looking to change that with some …

Tags:E Ink| EPD (Electrophoretic)| LCD Backlights

Samsung Display Accelerating Plans to Shift to QD OLED

by Bob O'Brien

We received reports this week concerning Samsung Display’s plans. We received reports this week concerning Samsung Display’s plans to build capacity for making Quantum Dot OLED (QD OLED) panels. QD OLED could be Samsung’s …

Tags:QD OLEDs| Quantum Dots| Samsung| TVs (TV Sets)

China TV Imports Increased in Q2 Despite Threat of Tariff

by Bob O'Brien

Imports to the US of TVs from China increased in Q2 of this year despite the Trump administration’s threat of tariffs imposed on TV products. The industry has shown few signs of shifting its …

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