Augmented Reality Glasses for Firefighters

It seems pretty straight forward that the augmented reality solutions are most beneficial in applications where visual content adds to the task at hand. In this case the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne, Switzerland) has combined an IR camera with augmented reality glasses to allow firefighters to see hot spots inside buildings where smoke and darkness make it impossible to see.

EPFL Augmented Reality Glasses for Firefighters

Firefighters are using handheld thermal imaging devices, today, however using such devices means using their hands for nothing else. Having augmented reality glasses showing the image of an IR camera frees up the hands for other duties such as rescue and fighting the fire.

So far this is only a prototype, but the EPFL is testing such a device in cooperation with the ECA, the public fire and natural disaster insurance company in Vaud Canton. So far the first results are promising. – NH