Ason Develops 50,000 cd/m² OLED

Photo credit: Sangyo TimesJapan’s Ason, which develops OLED lighting panels using a multi-stack structure, has a new unit that can go as high as 50,000 cd/m².

In an interview with the Sangyo Times, CEO Yukikazu Nakagawa said that 12 emitting layers were used on the new unit. He did not reveal the product’s lifetime at its highest brightness, but said that it will last for 50,000 hours at 5,000 cd/m². The unit is fluorescent, but Ason is considering using phosphorescent materials to raise efficiency and lifetime.

Ason has a small pilot production line, with an annual capacity of ‘a few thousand’ 72 x 72mm panels, according to OLED-Info. The company may build a factory elsewhere in Asia – China, Korea and Taiwan are being looked at.

Mass production of the new panel is planned for 2016.