AR Interior Design App to be Launched in November

Planner 5D is to launch an AR interior design app in November this year, that is intended to automatically recognise walls, furniture and create a house model by using image recognition technology. The AR app will also be able to create a 3D model of a house from a simple photo. A photo taken with a smartphone could be sent to a server, and this would result in a 3D model of the house. The company claims that the 3D model would be easy to edit and furniture could be rearranged, textures changed, and furniture could be deleted and new furniture added.

Planner 5D is joining other technology companies, such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, that are working on their own AR and VR technologies.

Alexey Sheremetyev, CEO of Planner 5D believes that the iPhone 8 could possibly have a depth-sensing camera that will recognise vertical dimensions, such as walls, and this technology would allow details such as floor renovation, wall colour to be changed, as well as introducing virtual paintings.

Planner 5D is also planning to implement AI into its platform, which will suggest optimal design ideas, adjusted to a specific user’s taste and desires.

Analyst Comment

There are plenty of rumours that Apple will include a laser focus system on the iPhone 8. As well as potentially improving the camera performance, the technology can do a good job of depth perception which helps in the SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) process that will be important for augmented and mixed reality. (BR)