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STMicroelectronics’ All-in-One Motion and Bone-Conduction Sensor Saves Space and Power in Hearables and Headsets

by Artem Alekseenko

Delivers longer listening experience and superior hearing in TWS headphones and AR/VR/MR headsets STMicroelectronics’ LSM6DSV16BX is a unique highly integrated sensor that delivers tremendous space savings inside hearable devices including sports and general-purpose earbuds. It combines …

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Tired: VR; Wired: MR

by Omid Rahmat

No matter how you slice it, Meta is subsidizing every VR headset it sells to the tune of 4 to 6 times the revenue it generates. That’s so crazy that you have to think …

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VividQ Demo application

VividQ Demonstration Really is Holographic

by Bob Raikes

At the SID Display Week in 2022, I just missed (blame trade show email issues) a demonstration of some very intriguing technology from VividQ in Cambridge, UK. In early January, the firm held some …

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Varjo Modifies XR-3 to add ‘Retooled’ option

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Varjo has a new version of its XR-3 which boosts the clarity of the headset’s passthrough cameras when viewing objects between 30cm and 90cm (1′ to 3′) away. This makes the …

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Microsoft Hololens Progress Reviewed

by Bob Raikes

What They Say The WSJ looked at the history of the development of Microsoft’s Hololens project. The paper said that more than 100 members of staff have left the team (which has been over …

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 Meta Quest Pro Hands-On Impressions! | Tested.com

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Adam Savage’s Tested had a look at the new Meta Quest Pro for a YouTube review. The first point made was that on the Quest 2, all the optics, processing and …

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HP to Exit VR Hardware?

by Bob Raikes

What They Say UploadVR speculated that HP might have ended G2 production and be getting ready to exit the VR market. The thought was triggered by: A Reddit user claimed to have been told …

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Panasonic Shiftall Announced at AWE Europe

by Bob Raikes

  What They Say Panasonic’s Shiftall subsidiary has showed the most recent versions of its MeganeX VR headset which has: Dual 2560 x 2560 1.3″ displays @120Hz with HDR FOV is said to be …

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