AOC to Replace 75 Series

MMD has upgraded its AOC business-oriented 75 Series to the new P1 series which is from 21.5″ to 27″ and uses a range of panels, with TN, IPS and VA all being used. There are models with VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Five models (22P1, 24P1, X24P1, 27P1, Q27P1) incorporate USB hubs. All are FullHD, except the 16:10 X24P1 and QHD (2560 x 1440) Q27P1.

Height adjustment is 130mm on the 21.5″ 22P1D, and 150mm on the rest. The monitors can be rotated to be used in landscape mode and they have both ‘Lowblue light’ and ‘flicker free modes. All the monitors have integrated speakers.

The 22P1D has a TN panel and no DisplayPort connection, while the 22P1 uses MVA.

The 24P1 (23.8″ IPS) is said to be ‘colour accurate’ and both it and the X24P1 (1920 x 1200) are ‘three side frameless’.

The planned availability of the 21.5”-sized monitors from the P1 Series, 22P1D and 22P1, is May 2018, at an MSRP of £139 ($162 + tax) and £169 ($197 + tax), respectively. The rest of the P1 Series is expected to be available in June 2018. The MSRPs are £179 ($209 + tax) for the 24P1, £249 ($290 + tax)for the X24P1, £259 ($302 + tax) for the 27P1 and £309 ($360 + tax) for the Q27P1.