AOC’s Chic V5 Series Now Expanded with Webcam-Equipped USB-C Monitors

Display specialist AOC announces three new multi-functional monitors from its V5 series aimed at home office users and students just in time before the next term. The triple addition in three sizes (24?/60.4 cm 24V5CW, 27?/68.6 cm Q27V5CW and the 34?/86.4 cm ultrawide CU34V5CW) features 2 MP built-in webcams with Windows Hello support for easy login and increased security, thus fulfilling today’s requirements for video calls and meetings.

The 3-sides borderless V5 models are thin displays with a versatile USB-C connection, offering 65 W Power Delivery to charge and power laptops or tablets with a single cable while transferring the display signal.

The AOC V5 Series with webcam – Instant login, increased security, and highly versatile for the home office

Contemporary design

Unlike bulky, uninspiring monitors, the design of the V5 series brings a lightweight, contemporary look to modern desks and home offices. They feature a 3-sides borderless design with a narrow chin at the bottom bezel, a thin base (12.1 mm), and an ergonomic, height-adjustable stand: the V5 series does not compromise the chic interior design of any living spaces.

Versatile on many levels

The new V5CW models stand out from the rest of the V5 series with their 2 MP webcam and Windows Hello support. Of course, the webcam has become crucial in today’s business and education world: video meetings and virtual classes are here to stay in some shape or form. The V5CW solve this requirement gracefully and offer even more than what one can expect from a simple webcam. Thanks to Windows Hello facial recognition technology, Windows users can login to their sessions simply by looking to the webcam and without entering a password, improving security of the system and usability at once.

Not only are webcams a must nowadays, but flexible working and teaching have also become ubiquitous. It has become more and more common to work on a laptop at the office or at the university part of the week, and on the other days to work from home. Here, the built-in 4-port USB 3.2 hub and the USB-C connectivity of the V5 series enable a seamless transition to the home office in one single and easy move: simply by connecting the laptop with a single USB-C cable. The laptop will be powered and charged (up to 65 W), the screen can be extended or mirrored to the monitor, and the laptop can access devices on the monitor’s USB hub. A clean, clutter-free desk is now easily achievable with the V5 series due to the versatility of the USB-C connection.

Rich visuals from 24? up to 34?

The 34? ultrawide CU34V5CW offers the largest canvas thanks to its curved VA panel, its 1500R curvature improving visibility towards the edges and increasing immersion in games and movies. A sharp, detailed resolution of UWQHD (3440×1440 pixels) makes use of most of the horizontal space, enabling it to display 3-4 windows side by side.

The CU34V5CW is a great all-rounder for work and play. It offers better multitasking at work compared to 16:9 models by showing more applications at once, but it truly shines when it comes to entertainment. With a deep, rich contrast ratio of 3000:1 and cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio, watching movies on this model is a pleasure, and its 100 Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync support and low response times (1 ms MPRT, 4 ms GtG) show that the CU34V5CW is highly gaming capable. The CU34V5CW also supports Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) modes to display two sources simultaneously.

In the 27? size, the Q27V5CW features an IPS panel with QHD (2560×1440) resolution, offering an ideal pixel density on this size. The 75 Hz refresh rate presents an improvement in motion clarity over more common 60 Hz models, while wide viewing angles (178°/178°) and colour accuracy (126% sRGB, 105% AdobeRGB, 98% DCI-P3) are not compromised thanks to the IPS technology.

For compact work desks, the smaller 24? 24V5CW makes more sense. Offering all the functionality of their bigger siblings in a smaller 24? size, it features a vivid IPS panel with rich and accurate colours, FHD (1920×1080) resolution as well as 75 Hz refresh rate. And being the most affordable of the bunch, the 24V5CW offers a great, healthier alternative to laptop displays. It also makes a great gift idea for friends and family, too!

Ergonomic, height adjustable stands in all three models offer, tilt, swivel adjustments, as well as pivot (90° vertical) orientation for the 24″ and 27″ models, to be able to fit to everyone’s needs. The VESA mount option in all three models offers even greater versatility when deployed in multi-monitor settings. All three models are equipped with a 4-port USB 3.2 hub, offering high speed to the connected devices such as USB drives, or as additional USB ports to connect other peripherals such as keyboard and mouse. Equipped with 2x 5 W speakers, all three models make sure that they can be used as video conferencing stations right out of the box.

The AOC 24V5CW, Q27V5CW and CU34V5CW will be available from August 2022 at the RRPs below:

24V5CW: £249.99

Q27V5CW: £329.99

CU34V5CW: £479.99