Android 7 Gets to Shield and (later) Sony

Google is updating the Android TV platform and Sony will update its sets to use that version of the operating system in the future. Version 6 was rolled out relatively recently by Sony (Android TV 6.0 Gets to Sony TVs), but doesn’t support Dolby Vision HDR, which Sony has said it would support. (of course, it could probably still support Dolby Vision content coming in via HDMI). Sony said at CES that it would support Dolby Vision in 2017.

Separately, Nvidia said that it would roll out Android 7 on the current Shield console. The update allows use of a new Nvidia cloud-based game system that we reported on from CES. (NVidia Looking at GPUs to Enable Deep Learning and Autonomous Vehicles – Shows HDR Monitor) The upgrade includes a new Amazon app that allows the display of UltraHD HDR content.