Americas Lead Worldwide Semiconductor Growth

Worldwide semiconductor sales rose almost 5% YoY in April, the Semiconductor Industry Association has said. Although a 0.4% fall MoM, sales were up to $27.6 billion, from last year’s $26.3 billion. The Americas, with double-digit growth, led all other regions.

April’s result was the 24th straight month of rising semiconductor sales, largely thanks to the continued growth of the Americas and APAC markets. Growth is forecast to continue throughout the rest of 2015.

Sales rose in the Americas, China and APACxJ, but fell in Europe and Japan compared to last year. Looking at results from the previous month, the APACxJ/All Other region(s) led with a 2.3% rise. However, sales were down in Japan (0.2%), China (0.7%), Europe (2.3%) and the Americas (3.4%).

The SIA’s figures come from the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organisation. WSTS’s spring global sales forecast projects that overall semiconductor sales will reach $347.2 billion this year; a 3.4% YoY rise. Sales in APAC and the Americas are expected to rise (7% and 3.7%, respectively), but fall in Europe (3.6%) and Japan (9.5%).

Modest growth across all regions is predicted going forwards. WSTS has forecast 3.4% YoY growth in 2016 ($358.9 billion) and 3% in 2017 ($369.6 billion).

Semiconductor Sales by Region, April 2015 ($ Billions)
Market Apr-15 Apr-14 YoY Change
Americas 5.61 5.00 12.2%
Europe 2.89 3.06 -5.6%
Japan 2.54 2.84 -10.7%
China 7.78 7.08 9.9%
APACxJ/Others 8.78 8.35 5.2%
Total 27.60 26.34 4.8%
Source: SIA