AMD Has Big Plans for UltraHD

During its E3 press conference, AMD showed a new Radeon R9 GPU called ‘Fury X’, with the highest memory bandwidth of any GPU, ever: 60% more than GDDR5, as well as a 4,096-bit memory interface.

Clearly aiming at the hardcore gamer, Fury X supports UltraHD, as well as multi-threaded APIs such as DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.5. It will be available on 24th June for $650. Another model, simply known as ‘Fury’, will have both liquid- and air-cooled options, on sale on 14th July.

Finally, the flagship Fury product will support smooth UltraHD gaming and be based on two of AMD’s new ‘Fiji’ GPUs.

Other GPUs include the R9 Nano (6″ long), available in Q3’15; R9 300 series (supporting UltraHD gaming) and R7 300 series (supporting up to 2560 x 1440 resolutions). The Rx 300 models will be launched on 18th July, starting at $200 and $110, respectively.

AMD also showed off its own concept UltraHD gaming PC: a tiny 10″ x 10″ model called Project Quantum. Two R9 Fury X GPUs, with 8GB of high bandwidth memory (HBM) (RAM) and 17 TFLOPs of computing power, are contained inside – meaning that even DCI-4k content at 60fps can be handled.

AMD’s Chris Hook and Richard Huddy introduce the working Project Quantum prototype