AirTies Teases us With “Same Old Stuff”

We met with Turkey-based Wi-fi specialist AirTies, in particular CEO Bülent Çelebi, who had a very nice bottle of chilled white wine on his table just as the exhibition was winding down on Sunday evening. He teased us by saying that he just had “the same old stuff” – clearly he knows the shorthand (SOS) we use in our reporter’s notebooks when there is no real news. At least, that’s the polite version.

Once we’d relaxed and sat down with a glass, he then showed us how the company was running three streams of UltraHD at 25 Mbps from a single source and on a single network – a particularly good achievement in the extremely busy Wi-Fi environment of IBC. AirTies has some clever software for building Wi-Fi mesh networks and aims to deliver multimedia around the home.

An issue for many users is the “stickiness” of the Wi-Fi connections on mobile devices, Çelebi said. This matched our experience, so we were interested to learn more. The firm has realised that the problem is that the mobile device has no information about the network, whereas AirTies has very good network diagnostics, so can make better decisions about where and how to connect. Therefore, the company has developed software that will control the connection between the device and the network based on negotiation between them. In field trials, the firm found that it is able to achieve 83% of the theoretical throughput in multi-device networks.

Çelebi showed us the diagnostics of the wireless system (available to operators) and the level of detail and data is amazing, allowing operators to help users to debug Wi-Fi and other network problems.

Analyst Comment

The observation about the “stickiness” of mobile devices is a really good one. I find exactly that problem on my home network and really wish I had the AirTies diagnostics on my own network! (BR)