Aiptek Makes Projection Mobile

Aiptek’s Pocket Cinema A100W is a pico DLP projector which is intended to strike a balance between business and private use.

A built-in adaptor means that the A100W can accept content wirelessly, through Apple Airplay and Miracast. MHL-HDMI and USB ports are also featured: HDMI for content transfer and USB for charging mobile devices.

The projector can be operated without a power connection, using a 2,000mAh battery. On battery, the projector will run for up to two hours. An internal speaker is featured to support use without any external connections.

Resolution is 854 x 480, with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio and LED light source (20,000-hour lifetime) providing up to 120 lumens. Focus is manual and there is a 100% lens offset. Images can be sized between 14″ and 120″, from 0.2m – 4.2m from the projection surface.

The A100W measures 112 x 113 x 26mm and weighs 280g. It is on sale now, for €295 ex VAT.