Aiptek Has Tablet with Projector

We’ve been reporting on Aiptek of Taiwan for more than 10 years and on its activities in pico projectors for six years. At Gitex, the company was proudly showing off the P70 Android 4.4 tablet with an integrated 854 x 480 DLP-based pico-projector. The complete unit weighs 400gms and has output of 50 ANSI lumens. The company said that it is a three way device, with either of the LCD or DLP or both being available for displays. If both displays are on, battery life is said to be 2.5 hours, more with just the projector.

The firm was also promoting its MobileCinema i55 and i60 which are projectors and power packs for iPhone 5 and 6.

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Unfortunately, we didn’t spot that the firm had shown a 100 lumen tablet at last year’s IFA. We wonder what happened to the other 50? A heat issue? Battery life? We’ll try to remember to ask them next time we see them. (BR)