Adder Debuts DDX KVM Solution

adderRudimentary keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solutions have evolved over the years to encompass far more features and capabilities. Adder Technologies’ Infinity solution is an example, but there still remains a need for less sophisticated lower cost solutions. That’s why Adder used Infocomm 2015 to show off a prototype of a feature-reduced new product called DDX.

The company’s top of the line Infinity solution was also being demonstrated. It allows for full frame rate 1080p video to be shared across an IP network with DVI or USB connectivity at either end. It is based upon a standard 1 Gbps Ethernet switch, from HP in the on-site control center demo. This solution allows access to many remote servers and displays on several screens such as desktop monitors and at Infocomm it had been set up on a video wall display.

While the demo featured CAT cabling the Infinity devices can support fiber connectivity as well. Alternatively, two Infinity transmit/receive devices can be paired over CAT cable to increase bandwidth.

The DDX prototype removes some of the more advanced featured of the Infinity, like fiber support, but does require a proprietary switch to operate. It should roll out this fall.