Absen’s A27 Series is for Fixed Installations – Attacks 55″ LCDs

Absen has launched the new A27 series of small pitch LEDs for fixed installations which has a 27.5″ diagonal in 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning that four cabinets can be used to replace a 55″ LCD display. The series has three models: the A2725, the A2719, the A2715 and the A2714, with a respective pixel pitch of 2.54mm, 1.906mm, 1.58mm and 1.46mm, boasting a 3840Hz refresh rate and high brightness of up to 1,000 cd/m².

The units have an HDMI interface and allow for ADA compliant installation. The LEDs are matt black SMD devices that achieves a wide colour gamut (said to be 110% of something, but not of what! We reached out to Absen to check). Features include a VESA mount.

A27 series rear scaledThe A27 Series has a very tidy back.

Front servicing is available allowing for very slim installations.

Analyst Comment

In high end prestige applications, 2.5mm LED is already the display of choice over LCD for many applications. The availability of products that can be used to replace LCDs and that eliminate bezels as well as offering long lifetimes will be attractive. Absen didn’t release pricing, but we’d expect the pricing of pitches lower than this to be quite a lot more expensive as LED pricing normally scale per pixel and on the same size of cabinet, the number of pixels goes up a lot, so pricing follows. For more on this topic see What LED Has to Do to Be Truly Disruptive. (BR)