Absen LEDs Used at Paleo

Alabama Média of France was responsible for the annual Paléo Festival de Nyon and used X5 LED panels from Absen. “These are really amazing,” said Alabama’s technical director Joël May, who has already been using the 5.2mm pitch panels at the Paléo Festival for two years. “I truly believe these LED panels are the best in the market, the brightness is excellent and the image is fantastic, even for those standing ten metres away from the stage.”

Alabama deployed two screens on both sides of the main stage, each measuring 7m x 4m for a total resolution of 1344×756 pixels. With 98 panels (14×7) in total, it only took two hours to build each screen, according to May. Alabama developed bespoke ladders in house in order to make the structure easier to service and also more robust to withstand harsh winds – system they now offer in their portfolio.

Another 6mm LED screen was on hand for bands requiring an extra screen, like Bastille this year. The Absen screens were also on both sides of the Arches stage, with two 11×6 screens (1056×648).