Video Highlights from I/ITSEC 2014

We were able to interview several companies during I/ITSEC 2014.

Boeing was in the JVC booth at I/ITSEC 2014 showing its updated CRVS (constant video resolution simulator) with a new IG using COTS hardware and JVC 8k e-shift projector. The upgrade is ready to roll out now –

Christie had three demos at I/ITSEC. One focused on AutoCal and the second on the benefits of higher frame rate over more pixels. The third featured its unique elliptical screen technology showing navigation within a 360-degree world –

In curved screens, light from one side can reflect to the other side significantly reducing contrast. That’s a big reason simulators have low light levels. But Da-Lite is working a solution that will reduce this effect and allow brighter images in simulators –

Eyevis showed a “simulator pod” along with a number of LED projection and LED flat panel simulation applications at I/ITSEC –

Motion capture at I/ITSEC can be real time and integrated into a virtual world –

Fujitsu was in the Bohemia booth at I/ITSEC 2014 to describe how virtualization is coming to the simulation market. This will allow some simulation tasks to move to the cloud, allowing think clients to playback the simulation, eliminating dedicated workstations and enhancing the ability to perform a simulation anywhere –

General Dynamics is developing a virtual reality application to help fire fighters on a ship –

JVC used I/ITSEC to launch new laser phosphor projectors aimed at the simulation market. They feature long life (>20K hours), high contrast (>30,000:1) and e-shift technology to deliver 3840 x 2160 precision –

Oculus was at I/ITSEC with about eight stations that allowed attendees to try several games using the DK2 Rift HMD –

SA Photonics showed a very bright and very wide FOV see-through HMD for use in augmented reality and simulation applications –

Sensics showed several of its high performance HMDs including one with dual 1080p flat panels and a 131 degree FOV. The company has a new miniature engine and rugged HMDs including one that can meet Mil-STD 810 requirements –

Sony showed off its 4k ultra-short throw and 4k projector in a night vision goggle application at I/ITSEC 2014 –

VDC came to I/ITSEC with a message – maybe it is time to consider direct view LEDs in simulation applications –