4th FAI World Air Games 2015 Opening Ceremony

Working with Dynamic Motion, Protec delivered expert video design services and technology including BlackTrax real-time motion tracking at the grand opening ceremony of World Air Games 2015 held at the beachside coastal location of Sky Dive Dubai, UAE in late 2015.

Taking centre-stage, a raised inflatable 6-meter-wide spherical projection surface was suspended 30 meters above stage alongside aerial performers suspended on cable lines. Protec placed 15 BlackTrax stringers and 5 BlackTrax cameras to track the sphere’s movement ensuring that video was perfectly aligned. BlackTrax streamed positional information via the high-speed protocol (RTTrPM) to d3 Technologies 4×4 pro servers, which visualised and handled the 3D geometry in real-time throughout the ceremony.

“The coastal wind did play its part in blowing the screen slightly during the ceremony, but with the live tracking in place Protec relished the challenge to deliver some impressive live projection mapping with incredibly accurate and spectacular results,” explained Edward Andradé, business development and production at Protec. “The show was a resounding success with some amazing audience reactions.”

To create the spectacular visuals, Protec provided 8 Barco XLM-HD30 and 10 Christie Roadster S-20k projectors for the main screen and stage and 6 Barco XLM-HD30 projectors were used for the inflatable moving sphere.

Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) opened the games in front of 5,000 spectators including officials and contestants from over 50 countries.

Watch the video: