Digital Projection Adds IR Capability to LED Projector

Digital Projection had a few good nuggets of info at I/ITSEC 2014 including a first time demo of its LED projector that adds an IR LED for NVG use. The IR images are input on the red channel, but how the IR LED is switched in, was not revealed at the show.

Digital Projection has projectors with some of the widest color gamuts, which the company recently measured. To its surprise, Digital Projection found that LED projectors that use the Luminus LEDs can achieve a much wider color gamut than those that use Osram RGB LEDs.

The company also showed a dome projection set up that featured a single projector – its new 4k laser-phosphor model with 12,000 lumens. This was a medium-sized dome that created a 180 x 84 degree field of view. For the demo, the 4k projector was mounted on the floor, but it can also be hung to allow the insertion of a cockpit or other gear. It featured a dome lens from Navitar that eliminated all the distortion to produce a clean image, although it was a bit soft even with 4k pixels.