42 Christie Offers New “Twist” Option for Simulation Market

Christie Digital is offering end users in the simulation and training market a new option to add the company’s warping and edge-blending software to its projectors.

Twist Pro is now an optional fee-based add-on geared for the most demanding applications such as flight simulators, virtual caves and domes. An unlimited number of projectors are supported with an unlimited number of arbitrary placing points, for greater accuracy.

Twist Premium is also fee-based and geared for applications such as live theatre and events, projection mapping, trade shows and other mid- to large-size venues. Up to 18 projectors are supported.

Twist now becomes a free download and will run on up to six projectors.

Twist is often bundled with Christie AutoCal, which calibrates virtually any arrayed projection display, from flat to cylindrical to spherical and adjusts it to its optimized viewing configuration resulting in a stabilized, consistent display. At I/ITSEC, Christie used two Matrix StIM WUXGA-resolution projectors to demonstrate the alignment procedure in real time. The company thinks this feature reduces location resource requirements, maintenance costs and system downtime, while increasing customer independence with regard to maintaining its multi-projector displays. The calibration is camera based and is done in 1-2 minutes.