3D Perception Working on 10-bit Upgrade

3D Perception offers a unique simulation projection screen solution that embeds LED at periodic location around the screen. These are used to generate a calibration pattern that when combined with a camera system, allows the accurate creation of meshes for the warping of data to fit the parabola-shaped screen segments.

Image alignment and automatic color calibration is provided by 3D perception’s Northstar platform. At I/ITSEC, the company told us that this platform is in the process of being upgraded from 8 bits per color to 10 bit support to provide better color accuracy and blending, especially in the darker shades where 8 bit has its limitations.

The upgraded version of Northstar will also do what they called “content aware blending”. By that, they mean that the content luminance levels in the blend area are evaluated and the blend level and overall luminance levels of the projectors can be adjusted accordingly.

For example, for a very dark portion of the content, the blend area for those two projectors needs to be quite dark so as not to see the blend area (the brightness in the overlap area of the two projectors is additive). This can require mechanical zone plates, electronic blending and very low black level projectors. But if the content in this same area is now a daytime scene, the light output of these projectors does not have to be set at the low levels needed for the nighttime scene. Therefore, the overall brightness of the blend and the projectors can increase. In other words – adaptive or dynamic blending. That’s pretty cool. Look for this to roll out in 2017.

The company also announced the signing of a contract to deliver Northstar visual display solutions to Lockheed Martin in support of the UK’s Military Flying Training System Fixed Wing program. Specifically, the system will be used for Beechcraft T6C flight training with systems expected to be delivered in the 2018 time frame. The system is comprised of an 18-foot (5.5m) dome with 270º horizontal by 120º vertical field of view. It will not be installed on a motion platform, however. – CC