SRI International Shows Visual Broadcast Test Methods at SMPTE

SRI International offers test patterns that can look at bit depth, chroma sampling, frame rates, conversions, audio sync and much more – and provide visual feedback on compliance and errors.

Driving the system is their newly introduced Sarnoff TG-400 test sequence generator for content creators, broadcasters, and distributors to verify the quality of 4Kp60 digital video workflows. The player handles SD, HD, 2K, and ultra-high-definition (UHD) and 4K frame rates up to 60p.

The TG-400 player incorporates the next-generation KONA 4 professional desktop input/output card from AJA Video Systems for powerful processing. The one-rack-unit system includes SRI’s uncompressed test patterns, but customers can also load their own content on the TG-400 player for display and testing. The combination delivers a comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution for testing and verifying the broadcast quality of digital video signal chains.- Chris Chinnock