30 CAE Launches Next Generation Medallion-6000 Image Generator

CAE launched its next generation Medallion-6000 image generator at I/ITSEC 2014, which is based upon the latest COTS graphics processor from Nvidia (probably the consumer GeForce series rather than the Quadro cards).

The Medallion now includes an increased sustained polygon capacity of more than 400,000 polygons for heightened detailed synthetic environments. The resolution of imagery has also been increased.

The update to the system also includes the ability to modify a common database at run-time, realistic run-time lighting and shadowing effects based on various light conditions and a reflective model for rainy conditions and fog. These effects are likely to run in co-processors or dedicated GPUs to achieve the desired performance.

Some of the recent programmes that have been awarded to CAE will benefit from the latest generation modifications include the Eurofighter full-mission simulators and cockpit trainers visual system update for the German Air force; UH-72A Lakota flight simulation training devices for the US Army; SH-2G(I) helicopter full-mission flight simulator for the New Zealand Defence Force; and CP-140 full-flight simulator for the Royal Canadian Air Force.