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Vioso Can Support Warp and Blend

by Bob Raikes

Vioso is a name that was familiar to us and it took a while to work out why! It was because we bumped into the company with its partner, Antycip, at the Laval Virtual …

Tags:Image Generators| ITEC 2018| Large Display Monitor| Simulation| Vol 25 - Issue 20

Infocomm Standardises Image Size

by Tom Allen

An Infocomm task group has developed a standard for sizing displayed images on AV systems. Current methods used by AV professions to calculate appropriate image sizes are not standardised, and their basis is not …

Tags:Avixa (was Infocomm)| Image Generators| Large Display Monitor| Pro AV| Standards| Vol 23 - Issue 24

Rockwell Collins Announces WholeEarth Database at IITSEC 2015

by Chris Chinnock

Rockwell Collin had a press event at I/ITSEC 2015 where they unveiled an ambitious new plan to offer a synthetic database covering the whole earth over the next two years.

Tags:I/ITSEC 2015| Image Generators| Rockwell Collins| Simulation| Vol 22 - Issue 49

30 CAE Launches Next Generation Medallion-6000 Image Generator

by Raverstead

CAE launched its next generation Medallion-6000 image generator at I/ITSEC 2014, which is based upon the latest COTS graphics processor from Nvidia (probably the consumer GeForce series rather than the Quadro cards). The Medallion …

Tags:GPUs| Graphics Cards| I/ITSEC 2014| Image Generators| Large Display Monitor| Simulation| Vol 21 - Issue 49