YouTube to be Available on Xfinity X1

The YouTube app will be available on the Xfinity X1 in the US later this year. That will allow X1 customers to easily browse and seamlessly access the entire YouTube catalogue of live shows, videos, on demand content, DVR and web programming, all as part of their Xfinity TV subscription.

In addition, YouTube viewers will be able to use voice control with the X1 voice remote. They will also be able to launch YouTube by saying “YouTube” into the X1 remote and browse all YouTube content, as well as searching for movie trailers, TV shows, music videos, sports games or user-generated videos, all by using voice requests.

Current X1 and YouTube subscribers will also be able to login when accessing YouTube on X1 and access their personalised settings and subscriptions. The X1 platform is in almost 50% of Comcast video customer homes.