Young TV Viewers Increasingly Use the Internet and Smartphones to Watch TV

Médiamétrie and Tape Consultancy presented their first half of 2017 review on TV audiences in Europe.

Young viewers are continuing to use the Internet to watch programmes but TV sets still remain as the preferred screen for viewing. Young viewers watch an average of three hours and 48 minutes per day per person in the top five countries in Europe (France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy).

TV sets are the leading screens on which to watch programmes, followed by computers. In France, they represent 52% of online TV consumption. However, smartphones are ahead of computers for youth-oriented channels (such as W9 in France), and tablets rank first for children’s channels (such Gulli in France). In France, tablets have become the device of choice for watching TV online between 6am and 7am, but in the evening smartphones use increases.

Watching TV on Computers, Tablets and Smartphones is increasing