Workstations Enjoy Second-Highest Quarter Ever

The workstation market remained healthy in Q3’14, says Jon Peddie Research, with few changes. Just over 1 million units were shipped worldwide, representing a 4.7% YoY rise, although 2.8% QoQ decline. Q2’14 saw the workstation market’s highest-ever volumes.

The momentum from Q3 is expected to continue. Refreshes of every major OEM’s premium desk-side workstation line have been triggered by Intel’s Haswell-E processor launch and supporting Grantley platform. However, shipments of those new models will not ramp until Q4, meaning that the volume surge will be reflected in the results for the current quarter.

Results from the workstation market were mirrored in professional graphics. A record high in Q2 was followed by a modest sequential decline, but was still the second-highest volume on record. Almost 1.3 million professional (workstation-calibre) GPUs were shipped in Q3.