Wireless Vive Adapter TPCast to Ship

By Alan Spencer

The first TPCAST Wireless Adaptors for HTC Vive are now delayed until the end of the month due to the production and testing processes taking longer than originally planned. The company has apologised to customers that pre-ordered the adaptor, which was advertised on the Chinese online Vive store from November 2016.

To compensate the early adopters, TPCAST is adding a free TransQ to the orders. This is a small device capable of mirroring content from a mobile phone onto a HDTV. The company is also upgrading the wireless adaptor’s battery to a larger 20,000 mAh battery, which gives around 5 hours of continuous use, compared to the approximately 2 hours for the standard version.

The original date for release for China was Q1 2017, and now the worldwide roll-out may also see a similar delay.

The wireless adaptor is just one of several new products that cuts the cord for high-end VR systems. The new wireless adaptor is priced at $249, which could be considered to be expensive, but some Vive users may feel that the convenience of tether-free use, might justify the cost.

TPCAST Wireless Adaptor for HTC Vive

Analyst Comment

As we reported from MWC, DisplayLink has also developed an interesting wireless connection for the Vive (DisplayLink Extends Wireless to VR). (BR)