Wavien Shows Floating Image and Virtual Image Concepts at CES 2015

Wavien used CES 2015 to show a different type of floating image display. A floating image display takes a real object or electronic image and using optics, creates a virtual image that appears to be floating in space. We have seen such displays for 20 years with perhaps the latest effort coming from a company called ProVision.

What Wavien did was create a Floating Image display that allows the object to be moved over a short distance and still retain the same magnification. The set up is shown in the first photo below. The second shows Mickey Mouse, who appears to be floating in space in front of the final mirror. Mickey can be moved back and forth on the rail, projecting the virtual image further in or out in space. Wavien thinks this could work well in a store front window where the object can appear to come from within the store to float on the sidewalk.

wavien 1

A second clever demo featured a new use of an older technology. The DPR (Dual Paraboliod Reflector) technology was developed to improve the capture and efficiency of lamps in projectors. At CES 2015, Wavien placed a small object as one focus of the reflector and an exact image of the object appeared at the other focus. They placed some model people around the virtual object to illustrate how this might be used in a museum setting.

wavien 3