WaveOptics announces Augmented Reality partnership with Coretronic Corporation

WaveOptics, a designer and manufacturer of diffractive waveguides, announced a partnership with Coretronic, the Taiwanese-based worldwide number one provider of DLP projection solutions. This partnership is intended to advance AR system integration, while lowering technical and financial barriers for entry into the AR market.

The partnership follows the launch of WaveOptics’ Module Program which aims to enable customers to pilot and deploy commercial AR solutions. The company claims that for the first time at an accessible price point, hardware makers, platform owners and software developers can create fully scalable and immersive AR experiences. WaveOptics’ Module Program offers customers early access to waveguide development for faster prototyping, and integration with evaluation tools, proof of concept models, use case trials and an AR optical module for use in end-user products.

As part of this program, Coretronic will act as a distribution channel and the integrator for WaveOptics’ AR modules, while providing system integration (SI) for WaveOptics’ customers as needed. The AR modules consist of WaveOptics’ Phlox 40? waveguides and Coretronic’s light engines, pre-aligned, mounted on a lightweight frame. Associated electronics are also supplied.

David Hayes, CEO at WaveOptics said:

“Our partnership with Coretronic highlights our commitment towards helping our ecosystem of valued partners bring AR displays to life, by offering the key technology required at a price point that will allow AR end-user products to hit the market by 2019 for under $600. Together, we’re making entry into the AR space technically and financially feasible by combining our world leading, low-cost waveguides with Coretronic’s best in class light engines”

The WaveOptics Module has 1280 x 720 resolution and provides a 40º field of view with an image converged at 4m and a focal plane at infinity. The eye-box is 19 x 15mm.

The WaveOptics Module – click for higher resolution