E Ink Monitor is not Cheap!

Chinese company Dasung has gone in a new direction with desktop monitors, creating one using an E Ink display.

The Paperlike is powered by USB and intended to act as a portable secondary screen, displaying information that users need to refer back to without refreshing it often, such as charts and graphs (without colour).

The refresh rate appears to be good, with the ability to use a cursor; see this video for an example: This is because the Paperlike has several modes, with detail falling as refresh rates get higher.

Using E Ink’s Fina glass-based display, the monitor has 1600 x 1200 resolution – unusually high for such a small screen. Customers will pay for this, however: the Paperlike, only announced for the China market for now, will cost CNY5,130 ($820) ex VAT.

Comment (INITIALS)

We missed this at CES, as the company was not on our radar. (TA)