Vuzix Partners with Powershelf on AR Smart Glass Retail Solution

Vuzix has announced a strategic partnership with Powershelf to deliver a comprehensive, wearable IoT solution for stocking retail store shelves.

“Powershelf Stock-to-Sight and Pick-to-Sight, powered by Vuzix” uses AR and AI technology, providing a hands-free option for store personnel to scan and overlay product-specific images directly into Powershelf through Vuzix smart glasses, designed to reduce errors, save money and improve employee efficiency.

In a recent study conducted with a major global shipping company, AR smart glasses technology delivered up to a 15% increase in picking accuracy and a 50% decrease in employee training time. Another study with a major global healthcare company reported a 46% increase in pick and pack productivity using AR glasses.

The Powershelf platform combines the firm’s battery-free smart shelving hardware devices with proprietary software to transform stores into smart and connected environments. The platform is designed to give retailers an edge by harnessing live, on-shelf availability data, claiming to improve pricing accuracy and reduce stock issues, as well as providing the ability to interact with shoppers’ mobile devices in real time.

The Powershelf platform is a green technology; it requires no batteries and claims to significantly reduce the need for paper tags and signage, which can help retailers meet their environmental sustainability goals.