JCDecaux Renews Digital Advertising Contract with the City of Antibes

JCDecaux has announced that, following a competitive tender, it has renewed its street furniture contract with the city of Antibes, France for a period of 15 years. The contract covers the design, installation, upkeep, operation and maintenance of:

  • 48 2m² and 8m² advertising street furniture units, representing a total of 162 advertising panels.
  • 32 2m² and 8m² digital advertising street furniture units, including double-sided ones, representing 39 digital screens.
  • 20 2m² non-advertising street furniture units on raised platforms.

The equipment will be designed by Martin Szekely and JCDecaux, who will oversee the integration. Under this new contract, JCDecaux will provide the city with the latest digital street furniture, designed to provide optimal visibility of municipal information and brand advertising.

Other services facilitating will be proposed as part of an offering that will meet the latest urban Smart City and connectivity requirements, such as NFC chips, enabling users to open an application or be redirected to a website linked to the information displayed on the display when they place their smartphone close to the NFC reader, beacons transmitting via Bluetooth providing tourist information, USB and Wi-Fi connections, the possibility of hosting small 4G cells allow operators to improve their network performance and additional elements such as environmental sensors and loud speakers.

JCDecaux’s displays are eco-designed with optimised energy performance notably through the use of LED back-illumination to reduce consumption by up to 60% depending on the unit. Electricity requirements will also be fully covered via renewable energy.