VR Village is a Success

This was year one for the VR Village at Siggraph, but based on attendance and interest level you can bet your boot they will be back in 2016New milestones were demonstrated at Siggraph, including ‘Hologram’ from NYU. This is a fully immersive nomadic VR interaction with real-time position tracking, using only the processing power of a Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processor in the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet. USC’s ICT (Institute for Creative Technologies) was also on hand and a finalist in the VR Village competition for nomadic VR environments. This group took on the task of creating the illusion of creating infinite virtual space within a confined real location, by hacking human sensitivity. You can see our Display Daily coverage on this, but suffice it to say the implications are a continuing trend of mobile empowerment into both the augmented and virtual space as the tools get more powerful, longer battery lived, and lower cost.