VR Solution for Reviewing Multi-Screen Theatrical Configurations Described

Kyunghan Lee from KAI Inc. and Sungmin Cho from the Korean Film Council described a VR project they are working on to model multi-screen theatrical configurations. They started by noting two examples: the Barco Escape format and the CJ-CGV ScreenX theater. Both feature a main screen flanked by side screens to create a more immersive experience. The VR system was developed as a tool for designing and evaluating such multi-screen systems.

They then described their solution which is built on a Unity engine, Vive media decoder and Oculus Rift headset. The program allows users to design their own theater specifying the wall dimensions, screen sizes and locations, seat positions and layouts, plus speakers, lighting and more. One can also adjust masking for the screens as well. Existing theaters can also be modeled this way.

Real time controls allow users to select video to run on the screens and to move to different seats in the theater.

Upgrades the group is considering are more customization of the options like screen brightness, curved screens, wall materials, etc. They also want to do a better job in modeling contrast reductions due to light from one screen contaminating another. – CC