VR Bank Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu Rolls Out Video Terminals

Bavarian co-operative bank VR Bank Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu has begun trialling customer service video terminals at four of its branches.

The new terminals are a step up from those currently in use by many banks, that enable customers to gain access to information around products and services. Using InfoGate software, currently also in use in retail, as well as at Munich and Hanover airports, visitors to the bank can be served by a member of staff via video link.

(from left to right) VR Bank’s Dr. Hermann Starnecker and Christoph Huber, with Manfred Zötl, Managing Director of InfoGate Information Systems GmbH.

Using the kiosk’s on-board camera, staff are able to view customer documents and scan them if needed. A touch-sensitive pad is also available for acquiring signatures when necessary.

Dr. Florian Hutter, Head of Process Management at VR Bank, who was heavily involved in the project, explained the process in more detail.

“As soon as the customer enters the room, a connection is established automatically into our customer service center in Pfronten. A short time later the customer sees a real ’employee’ of our bank on the screen – from this moment it is as if he is at the counter. Together with the employee, he can clarify and settle his concerns. On request, the employee can close the door with the help of remote control to ensure the necessary discretion”.

The service is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am to 6pm, an extension of the bank’s normal operating hours. Dependent on customer feedback, VR Bank hopes to roll out the technology to its remaining branches, starting next year.