VIZIOgram: Sharing App for TVs

Vizio is creating new ways for families to share life’s special moments from a mobile phone directly to a TV screen with VIZIOgram, a feature that allows you to share photos and videos with other Vizio owners. Designed to enhance the TV viewing experience beyond simply watching TV, VIZIOgram is one of many new additions to the freshly redesigned Vizio Mobile app.

“The inspiration for VIZIOgram came from my desire to share the moments with my mom, directly to her living room,” said Vizio founder William Wang. “I wanted her to be fully immersed in family moments, even from far away. There is no better way to stay connected than to send VIZIOgrams in 4K HDR to her 65-inch Vizio TV so she can be part of the action.”

With VIZIOgram, users can share life’s moments by sending photos and videos to friends and family in beautiful, high resolution, and have them appear directly on their Vizio Smart TVs. Anyone with the Vizio Mobile app and a Vizio account can send a VIZIOgram photo or video from their mobile device. VIZIOgrams can only be shared between friends who are connected and have accepted an invitation.