Vizio Prepares More SmartCast

Vizio has continued to expand the built-in Chromecast functionality (‘Google Cast’) of its TV sets. The P-Series was introduced in early April (Vizio Integrates Google Cast, Scraps Tuner), and now the company has described the M- (50″ – 80″) and E-Series (32″ – 70″).

Both new lines are home theatre displays, with UltraHD resolution (on all M-Series models and select E-Series) and direct-LED backlights. Vizio has not shared specifications yet, but has shown prices.

All Vizio SmartCast sets are controlled through the SmartCast app. Rather than changing between different apps, like Netflix and Amazon, SmartCast can be used to search for content on multiple apps at the same time. They are also tuner-free, like the 2015 M- and E-Series, and new P-Series.

The M-Series sets are bundled with the 6″ Android tablet remote control that is supplied with the P-Series, and support Dolby Vision HDR (64 LED zones). They feature a 240Hz effective refresh rate (through backlight scanning).

Vizio will start to sell the M-Series ‘soon’. Prices will start at $850 (50″), increasing to $1,000 (55″), $1,250 (60″), $1,500 (65″), $2,000 (70″) and $4,000 (80″).

UltraHD resolution is featured on E-Series sets starting at 43″ and scaling to 70″, while FullHD resolution is available on 32″ – 55″ models. All models have up to 12 LED zones and a 120Hz refresh rate.

The E-Series is on sale now. The HD sets are the 32″ E32-D1 ($230), 40″ E40-D0 ($300), 43″ E43-D2 ($370), 48″ E48-D0 ($400), 50″ E50-D1 ($470) and 55″ E55-D0 ($570). UltraHD resolution starts with the 43″ E43U-D2 ($470), continuing with the 48″ E48U-D2 ($550), 50″ E50U-D2 ($600), 55″ E55U-D0 ($700), 60″ E60U-D3 ($970), 65″ E65U-D3 ($1,100) and 70″ E70U-D3 ($1,700).

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