Visteon microZone Display Technology Proves an Innovative OLED Alternative

Visteon Corporation announced a new business win with a North America OEM for its microZone™ display technology. The award is for a multi-display system that will be featured in multiple premium and performance vehicles expected to launch in 2024. The new business comes just one year after the technology’s public debut at CES in 2020.

MicroZone technology is a first of its kind in the industry and is an innovative choice beyond organic light-emitting diode (OLED) for automotive applications. Visteon developed microZone to address the industry demand for a high-quality display that delivers a premium experience, while meeting stringent automotive-specific requirements.

MicroZone offers OEMs a high-dynamic range display solution with a longer lifespan and low-power consumption and lower cost than OLED systems. Based on mature LCD technology, microZone is considered the first automotive display to achieve superior optical performance without sacrificing vehicle reliability, having passed rigorous automotive qualification requirements. Built to deliver lifelike imaging equal to consumer mobile devices, microZone’s wide color gamut reproduces a greater range of the visible color spectrum, and the contrast ratio is 65-70 times higher than typical LCD screens.

Visteon designed microZone to accelerate the development and commercialization of more energy-efficient, cost-effective digital display solutions. MicroZone’s lower power consumption is especially important for automakers looking for ways to reduce the electricity needed to operate cockpit systems without compromising color contrast, quality and brightness – especially in the emerging electrical vehicle market.

This win positions microZone as a serious player in the large quality vehicle display market, according to Sharif. The microZone business was among $1.8 billion in new business wins for Visteon during the first quarter of 2021.