View’s Smart Building Network Platform, AI-powered Products to Transform Passenger Wellness and Travel Experience in DFW’s New “Gate of the Future”

View, the market leader in smart glass, announced that its smart windows will be installed in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport’s new expansion of Terminal D, a project that adds 4 gates to the terminal and showcases DFW’s “Gate of the Future,” a fundamental rethink of gate design in which the health and experience of passengers take priority.

The expansion will be the first in an airport to deploy View’s latest smart building digital network, AI and machine learning powered environmental sensor modules, and transparent ultra-high-definition displays.

Scheduled to be completed in April 2021, the project exemplifies the airport’s dedication to adopting innovative solutions in order to transform passenger experiences and wellness.

View Smart Windows use artificial intelligence and machine learning to power the windows, optimizing natural light while controlling heat and glare—creating smart, connected buildings that reduce energy consumption and enhance the mental and physical well-being of occupants.

“DFW Airport’s commitment to providing an elevated passenger experience is as strong as our focus on finding new technologies and solutions that support sustainable methods to achieve that goal,” said Sean Donohue, CEO at DFW Airport. “Our partnership with View is an example of finding innovative answers that improve the passenger experience, proactively provide more efficient energy usage, and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Every View installation includes a smart building digital network platform that consists of power, data, and communication infrastructure. This high-speed distributed edge network is the core platform for the next generation of applications like View Immersive Experience and View IAQ Insights.

View Immersive Experience will transform the smart windows at DFW into transparent, ultra-high-definition digital canvases, which can be used to communicate and entertain passengers by displaying meaningful information right on the glass. View IAQ insights are powered by View Sense environmental sensors that will turn gates into living, breathing entities capable of optimizing humidity, air, and dust—all of which directly impact passenger health. DFW will be able to leverage AI-powered insights from this sensor data to make smart decisions to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment.

“As the world looks to build the infrastructure for the post-pandemic era, View Smart Windows are being adopted in airports at an accelerating pace,” said Dr. Rao Mulpuri, Chairman and CEO of View. “We are thrilled to be partnering with DFW as they are outfitting the entire airport with View Smart Windows and opening up even more possibilities by being the first airport to deploy View Smart Building Digital Network, View Sense and View smart glass UHD transparent displays to create a healthy, fun and safe passenger experience.”

About View

View is a technology company creating smart and connected buildings to improve people’s health and wellness, while simultaneously reducing energy consumption. View is also the market leader in smart windows that let in natural light and views and enhance mental and physical well-being by reducing headaches, eyestrain, and drowsiness. Every View installation includes a ‘smart building platform’ that consists of power, network, and communication infrastructure.

On Nov 30, View announced plans to become a publicly listed company through a merger with CF Finance Acquisition Corp. II (Nasdaq: CFII), a special purpose acquisition company sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald.

About Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport warmly welcomed more than 75 million customers in 2019, making DFW one of the most frequently visited superhub airports in the world. Customers can choose among 192 domestic and 67 international nonstop destinations. DFW elevates the customer experience with modernized facilities and updated amenities. Centered between owner cities Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, DFW Airport also serves as a major economic generator for the North Texas region, producing more than $37 billion in economic impact each year by connecting people through business and leisure travel.