Via and Antolin Collaborating on Automotive Display Solutions

Via Optronics is a supplier of interactive display systems and solution while Grupo Antolin-Irausa, S.A.U. is a near $5 billion supplier of automotive technologies, particularly car interiors. Both companies aim to redefine the experience inside vehicles by merging their respective areas of expertise in a strategic collaboration venture.

collaboration will work on integrated display systems that could be placed in various parts of a vehicle’s interior like the cockpit, floor consoles, and seat headrests. The displays will not only be for aesthetic purposes but also for functional and interactive uses. The companies say that the partnership is being drive by the response to the growing expectation from consumers for advanced, interactive, and immersive experiences inside their vehicles.

The companies will work together on cockpit integration of display systems, human machine interface (HMI) integration, optical bonding to improve the visibility and durability of in-car displays (an area in which Via excels), camera integrations, and advanced surface technologies (an area in which Antolin excels).

An example of surface technologies. (Source: Antolin)