Vestel Wins Second Phase of Fatih Tender

Vestel introduced an 84″ version of its interactive display last year

Vestel’s 65″ interactive flat-panel display has been chosen for the second phase of Turkey’s Fatih Project. Almost 500,000 units will be rolled out to 40,000 schools in the country in the coming months. The distribution is scheduled for completion in early 2016.

The new win represents the second and final tender for the Fatih Project. According to Vestel, the move will see the company become the world’s largest manufacturer of interactive flat-panel displays.

Vestel specifically designed the display for education customers, with a long (35,000-hour) lifetime and multi-touch.


We don’t believe that this is the absolute end of the Fatih Project, as Vestel says, as there are still tablet rollouts to come – Vestel itself is currently participating in one (Vestel Takes Part in New Fatih Tender).

10 million tablets were originally set to be distributed to schoolchildren in Turkey as part of the Fatih Project, but fewer than 1 million have been distributed so far, we understand. The organisers are notoriously slow to release figures, though – the most recent official update came last July (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 27)!

Vestel has told us in the past that designing tablets for the Project is difficult, as specifications keep changing. At IBC, the company told us that it had developed “close to” 10 different designs as it aims to compete in the large-scale tenders. (TA)