Vestel Celebrates Fatih Success

Being heavily involved with Turkey’s Fatih Project, Vestel has seen great success with its 65″ interactive whiteboard (IWB), which is now being billed as ‘The world’s highest-selling 65″ IWB’. The company believes that 430,000 units will be shipped this year.
Vestel’s tablets (they were at the show, but were older units that we’d seen at IFA) use a proprietary wireless protocol to send content to the IWBs. We asked why Vestel wasn’t simply using an existing protocol like Miracast or WiDi and were told that the development was based on specific feedback from teachers and students; it was developed with education in mind.
Signage is a significant part of Vestel’s education product lineup; at BETT, the company was demonstrating a 10.1″ LCD meeting room (or classroom) display, which could act as a booking system. The display will show when a room is booked and what for; it can also be updated remotely from a central location.
Finally, Vestel had two smartphones on show: ‘high-end’ and ‘mid-range’ units, although they would certainly be towards the lower end of these categories. The high-end device had a 5.5″ display with 1280 x 720 resolution (400 cd/m²), while the mid-range model had a 5″ display with 960 x 540 resolution (350 cd/m²). Both used quad-core 1.2GHz processors.

Analyst Comments

Of course, Vestel’s comments have to be viewed in the light of this article (Fatih Project Faces Failure), which we saw just after the show! (BR)