Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition HMD Selected for US Army’s Advanced Virtual Trainer Program

Varjo, the Finnish professional VR/XR hardware and software developer, has announced its collaboration with the US Army to incorporate its head-mounted display (HMD) technology into the Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT) air program. The program aims to offer portable training for three key helicopters: Apache, Chinook, and Blackhawk. This step aligns with the US Army’s efforts to develop a synthetic training environment (STE) accessible from any location.

The RVCT functions as a versatile hardware system, synchronizing with the STE to initiate collective, mixed-reality training modules. The integration will feature a specific variant of Varjo’s XR-3 Focal Edition headsets. This technology allows military teams to blend actual and computer-generated movements during training exercises. With Varjo’s XR-3 Focal Edition, US Army pilots can benefit from human-eye resolution displays, enhanced by video pass-through technology. This setup creates an immersive training experience, facilitating real-time interaction with physical controls. The headset offers proficiency in varied lighting conditions and supports extended usage periods. Additionally, the device can recreate night-flying scenarios.

The collaboration will see Varjo work with integration specialist, Cole Engineering, which received the actual $500 million military contract of which headsets are a part of. Together, they plan to enhance core technologies and introduce solutions tailored for mission practices. The RVCT initiative is one of over 70 immersive defense training programs globally that feature Varjo’s hardware and software solutions.