China Goes for Vision Pro Rentals in Big Way

by Shawnee Blackwood

The device, launched this month in the United States, has entered the Chinese market via the gray market, where it’s being sold for double the US price.

Tags:Apple| headsets| MR| Vision Pro

AR/VR Happenings Tease but Don’t Excite

by Emory Kale

There’s a fair number of AR/VR devices and technologies launching at CES 2024.

Tags:Augmented Reality| CES 2024| headsets| LetinAR| Qualcomm| showcase| VR| Xreal

MR HUD Approved by FAA for 737 Pilots

by Shawnee Blackwood

The system combines synthetic vision technology and enhanced vision capabilities along with primary flight display symbology.

Tags:Aviation| cockpit| Head Up Displays HUDs| headsets| MR

2023 Sees Significant Decline in VR Market: 24% Drop in Headset Sales

by Shawnee Blackwood

The lack of substantial investments in VR technology by major tech companies, with the exception of Meta, is expected to result in a continued slump in the industry over the next two years.

Tags:Apple| Augmented Reality| headsets| meta| showcase| Steam Consoles| VR

VR Lemmings Make Easy Prey for Microdisplays

by Omid Rahmat

Does it matter if there is, or isn’t, a VR/AR/MR market as long as you’re the one selling the displays? No, it really doesn’t.

Tags:Bytedance| headsets| Microdisplays| MR| Pico| showcase| VR